16th Annual NASA

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Reflection-ANC (Annual Nasa Convention) was held in Vagamon on January 29th to 2nd of February 2018. The event occurred for 5 days continuously. The trophies we participated were ANDC, Reubens Trophy, Writing architecture, HUDCO, LBC Trophy with a total of 2 delegates being the UD and the USEC. On the 1st day the registration of participation took place. Accommodation for the delegates were arranged in the campus. Announcement for the panelling of sheets was announced followed by the preparation for the Panelling of Rubens and LBC trophies which was later panelled by the USEC and the UD in the midnight. At the end of the day there was a General Council meeting for council members. Day 2 started with a talk series by architects like Raj Rewal which was followed by the host colleges performance. There was a zonal council meeting with a general council meeting towards the midnight. The 3rd day was started with exhibition where various sheets were exhibited for everyone to view. Cultural events took place followed by the announcement of the shortlisted entries for LBC. Sheets where panelled for HUDCO. Later there was meeting for the Zonal Council and the General Council. On the 4th day shortlisted entries for the Reubens and HUDCO trophies was announced. There was a meeting held for the Zonal Council and the General Council. Repaneling of the shortlisted entries took place in the midnight. On day 5, Exhibition of the shortlisted entries to the place. The entire event was ended with a closing ceremony followed by the valedictory function for the ExUSEC. The event concluded with thanks giving for the 60th Executive Council. The introduction of the 61st Council members took place. Last but not the least, the trophies were distributed for the respective winning entries and we got shortlisted in Top 15 in Reubens Trophy and got Juror’s Choice for HUDCO Trophy. The overall trophy was bagged by SKET, Surat.