61st Annual NASA

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Eight years. All the way from qualifying to enter the convention and finally tasting a sip of success from the Reubens trophy took us eight years. Reubens is the foremost deciding platform\competition to exhibit a college’s academic work. It requires students of focus, commitment and shear will just to participate and get a respected review. Qualifying among the special mention award was made possible through constant guidance, help from friends and seniors.

ANC( Annual NASA Convention) - a report 300+ colleges, 3000+ students, 61st ANC held at SJB School of planning and architecture, Bangalore was a spectacular moment for any student from architectural base. We from McGANS, participated the event as a group of 5 along with our UD and USEC. The lectures of top architects detailing the present scenario in India and globe were made available for the interested ones while workshops were conducted for enthusiasts. Workshops ranged from exploring software’s [Rhino ,3ds max], rendering ideas and hands on workshops.

The Bamboo and mud workshop focused on sustainability and went hand in hand with the years theme “GO GREEN”. While we participated and enjoyed the talk shows our UD and USEC were called for constant reviews and opinions. The sole trophy participated apart from the qualifying Design completion was Reubens for which the college received special mention. This promoted us among the top 5 elite colleges in India.