McGAN'S Ooty School of Architecture

As an innovative, hands-on architecture and design school in India, McGAN'S Ooty School of Architecture (MOSA) offers a student-centric learning environment along with access to a faculty of highly experienced practitioners. From the founding principles of architecture to the latest trends in sustainability and design aesthetics to developing technical and leadership skills, MOSA exposes you to practice-oriented curriculum as you pursue a degree in architecture, digital media arts, or construction management, to achieve your professional goals.

Experiential Philosophy

MOSA reinforces classroom theory with real-world application. We challenge our students with rigorous advancement standards, and our hands-on, instructional degree programs nurture artistic passion while demanding professional excellence.

Faculty Practitioners

At MOSA, most of our faculty members are highly experienced active practitioners. They will help prepare you for your career by bringing the present and future of architecture and design into the classroom.

Social Consciousness

We prepare professionals for responsible citizenship and careers in architecture and design. Our degree programs are built on a solid ethical foundation and have long promoted accessible, socially beneficial, and sustainable design solutions.

Personal Attention

Our dynamic classes provide individual attention to the students while encouraging their collaboration within themselves and with the faculty. The institute’s strong relationship with allied fields of architecture in the industry, create ample opportunities to engage the students to work and share their thoughts directly with local professionals. Thus, students are encouraged to convert their classroom learning to hands-on practical experience.

Scenic Location

MOSA offers a unique inspiring academic environment. We don’t believe that learning happens only in the classroom. From the natural beauty of our surroundings, the lush green landscape, our students learn to work with nature to create a better built environment. MOSA is located at the inset of the nature, surrounded by the hills of Ooty.

Our Philosophy

At McGAN, we challenge our students with rigorous advancement standards, and our hands-on instructional programs nurture artistic passion while demanding professional excellence. We believe that a wide range of individuals can find reward and fulfillment in the study of architecture and design.

Our Mission

All of our students are encouraged to continue their research in off campus and independent study as well as internships, which jump start your resume and provide valuable job experience.

The faculty and student community at MOSA is dedicated to working towards a common goal, the betterment of architectural education and practice, not only in India but also in the global context.

The mission of McGAN'S Ooty School of Architecture (MOSA) is to nurture and inspire design-minded students. Our students demonstrate a firm foundation of critical thinking, ethical behaviour and a culture of professional practice, on their way to becoming socially responsible leaders of change for our global society.

MOSA achieves this mission through:

  • A progressive curriculum, taught by accomplished, active faculty.
  • Practitioner-based models of learning focused on problem-solving, experiential learning and process-based design.
  • Active participation and engagement in our local and global community.
  • A progressive curriculum, taught by accomplished, active faculty.
  • The constant pursuit of academic excellence.

Our Vision

McGAN'S Ooty School of Architecture is committed to create a world class learning centre for architecture in India. We are blessed to be sitting amidst one of the most scenic landscape in South India which naturally makes us more sensitive to environment. At McGAN'S we understand that architecture requires knowledge of many disciplines like arts, engineering, model making, sociology, anthropology and other allied disciplines. The teaching methodology at McGAN'S is not only restricted to classrooms but goes beyond the four walls. Our institution not only aims at creating mere graduates but also preparing our students for numerous challenges in the profession, also turning them to much better human beings.



Prof.Solomon D Vedamuthu

Shri Jayaprakash Gandhi

Prof. Krishna Rao Jaisim
Professor Emeritus

Prof J Subramanian
Professor / Design Chair