Susan Aby

As I walk down the beautiful memory lane of my college & Ooty days, nostalgia wraps me under its sad and happy shadows. Sad because I gravely miss each and every moment spent in the college with my classmates, faculty members, the staff, my juniors … and happy because these 5 years have not only given me valuable learning but also exquisite memories which I will cherish for the lifetime. It´s difficult to express in words how I so want to once again travel that long journey from Cochin to Ooty (which had become an integral part of my college time), miss the never ending preparations for the submissions, fights with my classmates over anything & everything and then laughing over those fights, the grand mess dinners cherished with canteen eggs and may be almost everything.

Making of an Architect - Arun Davis

Born and raised in Kerala, I always knew that the perspective through which I saw the world was different. Joining B.Arch. programme in McGan´s Ooty School of architecture in 2008 was a major transition, considering my life until then. Acompletely new world opened before my eyes, teaching me many things that were just mystery to me.

In my early coursework in Architecture, I struggled to obtain passing marks – and in fact, I was lucky to make it through my 1st year! At first, Architecture School was overwhelming, in particular, I struggled learning the new design ´language´, managing the intense studio hours (goodbye to mom and dad for a while) and dealing with the tough criticism. Then there were the ´super students´, those who appeared to achieve the unattainable; They could draw in plan, section AND perspective, not to mention they always maintained their fascinating ability to verbally communicate and sell their ideas.