Audio – Visual, Survey and Leveling

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McGAN´s provides its faculty and students everything needed to create more active, inspired and engaged classrooms. All the studios on campus are "smart"classrooms, equipped with specialized projectors, smart–boards stereo sound and wireless connectivity that encourage active participation and collaboration.

The "smart boards" allow the faculty members and students to make interactive audio–visual presentations. A stylus is used to activate programs, buttons and menus from the smart–board itself, just as one would ordinarily do with a mouse. Text can be input using handwriting recognition or an on–screen keyboard. This makes it unnecessary to go to the computer keyboard to enter text. Thus, a smart–board emulates both mouse and keyboard. The user can conduct a presentation or a class almost exclusively from the smart–board.

Lectures come alive when tutors are able to access the internet on–screen and include audio and video files in their presentations. The smart–boards run software that is loaded onto the connected PC, such as a web browsers and proprietary software used in the classroom. The process of documentation is made simple by capturing and saving notes written on a smart–board to the connected PC.

The smart–boards are supplied with software that provides tools and features specifically designed to maximize interaction opportunities. These generally include the ability to create virtual versions of paper flip–charts pen and highlighter options, and even virtual rulers, protractors, and compasses–instruments that are used in the Mathematics and Architectural Drawing courses.

Survey & Leveling

In the current scenario, where environmental issues are at the forefront, site surveying & leveling, enables our students to appreciate the site, its elements and teaches them the importance of site and its content in the architectural process.

Surveying is the technique of accurately determining the position of points on site and the distances and angles between them, while Leveling is the measurement of height using an optical leveling instrument. Surveying & leveling also equips students with the various types of techniques of site surveying as well as to introduce them to aspects of site planning and site analysis.

Students of the bachelor"s program complete various exercises in using the specialized equipment, by their fourth semester. Procedures that were presented theoretically in lectures come to life in practical surveying work, from chain survey, triangulation, plain table, compass and theodolite surveys to the various instruments used and methods of survey. In this way, students understand land topography and its relevance in Architecture.

The lab is equipped with all necessary equipment for professional architectural surveying. It owns a number of tachometers, digital and analog leveling instruments and all accessories requisite for the surveying process. Beyond this, the lab can also draw on a collection of instruments of historical interest such as theodolites and dumpy levels.

Students record their lab classes in written reports. This documentation is a mandatory for successful completion of the course and a prerequisite for the examination at the end of the semester.