Induction Day 2015

It was a bright, sunny day - like a prelude to the new student´s futures. The morning was characterised by parents and their children going through the registration process which had started the previous day. As the new students settled in to their hostels and got accustomed to the climate and campus, they looked forward to that afternoon when they would be officially inducted into McGAN´s Ooty School of Architecture as the batch of 2015. And it would be no ordinary induction. The dignitaries invited to honour and share their views with them would no doubt leave a lasting impact on each student, new and old. All new students and faculty members gathered in the Induction Hall, while parents and senior students assembled in other halls to witness the live stream of the event. The programme began with a welcome address by our Principal Prof. Gauri N. Shiurkar. Our Correspondent Mr. Jayaprakash Gandhi had the honour of introducing the Chief Guest, Additional Director General of Police, Dr. C. Sylendra Babu, IPS, while our Advisor Prof. K. Ranganathan felicitated him. The Guest of Honour, former IIA President Ar. Prakash Deshmukh was introduced by our Vice Principal Prof. Pramod M. Gawari and felicitated by our Director Ar. Solomon Vedamuthu. Our Professor Emeritus Ar. K. Jaisim was also felicitated, by our Principal. Mr. Jayaprakash Gandhi was then called to address the new students, and he illustrated the value of originality with the help of a short story. Ar. K. Jaisim´s spoke next, emphasising the importance of breaking barriers in the creative field of architecture. Next to be called upon, Ar. Prakash Deshmukh vitalised passion for the profession.

The final and much awaited speech, by esteemed Chief Guest Dr. C. Sylendra Babu, was an effortless combination of advice and humour. He spoke about his own views on architecture and aesthetics and urged the students to inculcate discipline and integrity in every task they undertake. After his speech, he released the first newsletter of the academic year 2015-16, Archibridge. The new students were then led by our HOD Prof. Ashoak Paatil to recite an oath, vowing sincerity, honesty and integrity. The program was concluded by a vote of thanks given by our Chairman Adv. N. Muralikumaran, and finally, all present sang the National Anthem, before the dignitaries departed.

With inspiring words ringing in their heads even after the programme, the students were shown a short film – a virtual tour of the campus along with messages from the Principal, Vice Principal and our Administrative Officer Mr. Radhakrishnan.