Onam Celebrations 2015

The students of the second year were in high spirits and decided to seek permission for the Onam celebration one Wednesday evening. The permission was granted by our H.O.D B.Arch on 20th of August by evening. The celebration was planned in a short while and was to commence on the 22nd of August .The day had a beautiful yet gloomy morning.

The early sunrise saw the students preparing for the floral design competition (POOKALAM COMPETITION).The competition started at around 6.00 a.m. and ended successfully at around 9.00a.m.The day witnessed all the children rushing and tensed with exams that were to be held that morning. Most students were already set into the Onam mood and emerged with their traditional costumes. As the exam got over, all were is a gush to change into their required attires. The faculties too complied with the dress code and were soon to be seen in their ethnic wears.

The program began with the CHENDA MELAM played by the malayali boys of the second year .This was how the show convened and all were invited to the ´V´ space. A briefing of the story behind Onam was given. Then up was the THIRUVATHIRA KALI by the second year girls. Soon the limelight shifted to the ramp where the students from the fifth year backwards participated and soon followed by the faculties who walked past the ramp .It was backed with the amazing CHENDA MELAM again in the background.

At around 2.00 p.m., the ONAM SADHYA was served and the faculties and the students from the fifth year backwards were soon invited in. This continued till about 4.00 p.m. and then all rushed to the basket ball court where the other games continued to happen.The only little backfiring was with the rain which soon stopped and the celebration continued.

The first competition for the afternoon was the VADAMVALI (tug of war). All the students actively participated in the event and the others were cheering with much happiness. Much to the astonishment of all, the next event was the URIADI (breaking the pot).Everybody enjoyed the event and it was specially enhanced with the immediate initiation and active participation of the faculties too. Then finally the entire celebration was wrapped up by the final and fierce CHENDA MELAM .By around 7.00 p.m., the celebration came to an end. It was an entire season of love and togetherness along with immense enjoyment .An Onam which will be cherished lifelong and remembered on the eve of every upcoming Onam. With immense gratitude to God and the management we the students of second year express our happiness for giving us this opportunity.

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