Open Day at McGAN'S Ooty

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The aspirants of Architecture, parents, school teachers and students of Architecture are invited for the Open House at McGAN's School of Architecture. We have a wide range of display of student works to understand what we do at this Architecture school.

The visit to the school is open to the public during these open days. It generally falls in the month of March and April.

Architecture at the McGAN's Ooty School of Architecture seeks to encourage individual speculation, experimentation and innovation. At M.Arch level we prepare students for a critical ideas-driven approach to architecture, underpinned by a strong sense of material reality and making. Not only do we aim to harness and extend students’ knowledge, design skill and creativity, but also we want them to know how to communicate it. We seek to prepare students to design cleverly and provocatively, but also to be critically engaged in the real world.

The pursuit of these aims in architecture makes particular sense in the broader context of the College, where proximity of sophisticated practice across the art and design spectrum encourages a wide, multidisciplinary view of design. All of the teachers in the programme are engaged in practice, and see this as an essential undercurrent to a successful teaching environment. Through our practical experience we offer unexpected challenges, sparking creativity and supplying critical analysis, and we provide an environment where students can pursue, debate and prioritize these issues as individual designers to create original and rigorous architecture.