It is a lovely scene in McGan´s when it comes to NASA preparations. The otherwise scattered students come together regardless of their years and put in every ounce of their energy and hard work into sheets and cultural events. It was no different for the Annual NASA Convention 2014. The weeks before the convention had first year students working on the design of the staple McGan´s t-shirt while the senior students concentrated on sheets and arranging travel and accommodation. The day of the travel was the busiest and nerve wrecking of all days for the students. It was 10 pm when all the students boarded the bus. The drive from Ooty to Chennai gave the students the much needed the quiet and rest for the next day´s demanding energy hours.

The next morning woke everyone up with excitement and adrenaline in their minds and bodies. While the U-Sec moved on for the registration process, the rest of them observed and took in all the might and air of an impending experience of a lifetime. The drums and the rhythm of a hundred colleges and thousands of hearts beating created a sense of surreal feeling. The students were provided with coupons for food .And a little later, the students settled down in the accommodations they were provided. Evening brought the students the flashing flags and heavy drum beats that came with the scent of Biriyani , which made everybody´s heart and stomach a little hungry. The night opened with even of "Battle of the Bands" and as it continued to thrill the crowd and the judges, few senior students moved to panel sheets for the Rueben´s trophy which continued till 3:00 am.

The next day came with a lot more excitement starting with the bull printed t-shirts that McGan´s students wore to represent their might and drive to win. Various seminar and workshops were held in different arenas and halls throughout the day, but the seminar by the infamous Peter Cook on sustainable architecture was the most talked about. The noon broke everybody into quite a peppy mood when students from different colleges and zones moved their feet to Bollywood numbers. The LIK and product design trophies were called upon and students moved to the respective areas to panel the sheets and the crowd enthusiastically cheered for their fellow people. The sun was setting and it was into the crimson sky that McGan´s raised their flag proudly. And as hundreds of flags were hoisted and boasted the pride of one´s college, lanterns were flying across the sky and it was the time when everybody forgot the colour of their t-shirts and the college they came from and stood there marvelling at the beauty of the tremendous beauty of it all.

The third day of convention started off with the most awaited photography workshop which interested everybody with mind-blowing and intriguing pictures. The workshop taught the students the importance of observance and capturing moments that otherwise would be unnoticed by a naked eye. The workshop was followed by a couple more interesting seminars. The felicitation ceremony succeeded the seminar, and it included the most proud moment for the students of McGan´s as the respected principal was honoured for his tireless contribution with a lifetime achievement award in the field of architecture. The students later moved to observe the painting of an Indian Flag that included its artistic and cultural diversity put into a large sized canvas. It required a remote controlled mini helicopter with a camera to view it as a whole. The night welcomed the students to music and dance and a true transformation from the hectic days of the past two days. The DJ had everybody throw their hands up and their hair down and enjoy the spirit of complete and utter fun. The crowd moved their feet to the groovy tracks and cheered as the models walked the ramps.

Tired and weary, students moved to check results and though McGan´s didn´t acquire any citations, the effort and hard work put into sheets were appreciated and acknowledged. But as the saying goes, experience is what you get when you didn´t get what you wanted. And experience is often the most valuable thing you have to offer to the world.