Clay workshop first years – 2016

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Date of Event: 20th Oct and 27th Oct 2016
Venue: Mcgan´s Ooty school of architecture.
Organizer: Mcgan´s Ooty school of architecture.
Conveyor: Mr. Ramesh Katti.
Co-ordinator: AditiShivniwar, PriyankaGolasangimath
Participants: Students of 1st year (2016–17 batch)

To help the students understand fluidity in architecture, as mentioned in the academic curriculum prescribed by Anna university.
The students were asked to link performing arts to architecture by understanding the fluidity of movements in dance and later translating it to a 2 dimensional sketch which was later developed into a 3 dimensional clay model.

Performing arts and architecture:

Architecture and dance share the same language of shape and form - both drawing on texture, colour and rhythm, both manipulating solid (body or brick) and space to define themselves.

Dance frames the architecture - directing the eye of the observer to notice how they see shape as it is juxtaposed, body to buildings.

The person who watches dance does none of the physical work themselves but in perceiving the performance they experience the rhythm of it as though it were in their own body. In much the same way you can experience architecture, when through the installation attention is brought to the line and curves of the physical environment, the observer starts to experience a building with the same sense of movement that they observe dance. By this process of re-creation and redefinition of spaces, dance/ movement joins with architecture to create work that is alive within the visual frame of the eye, not just within the body of the dancer.

The students were asked translate their knowledge of the body to create spaces that are designed with the dance within them.