In a project

Clients take the lead


Architects takes the lead

After the introduction by the moderator Ar.Vijesh Kumar the debate started with the point Client is the only person who gives the requirements to the architects to work on from the team Clients take the lead with the students Prithivi Raj, Fathima Noor and Thipak Hari. This was countered by the opponent team - Architects take the lead which comprised of the students Suha Nazneen, Syed, Felisia Susan. They have defended with the point Client is only a dreamer, with superstitious requirements. Architects are the ones balancing the global ideas and the client’s dreams. The debate was further interesting quoting the roles and responsibilities of an Architect and the difficulties faced by them in the process of satisfying the clients requirement.
It was a very healthy and fun filled debate where both the groups shared some information along with the audience who added valuable points to the same. As a whole it was a session which was overflowing with comments and ideas from the participants as well as the audience.