Building acquires character only through

Vernacular Expression


Contemporary Expression

A healthy debate over whether a building acquires character only through vernacular expression or through contemporary expression was held for fourth semester students. The topic was introduced to the students by the moderator Ar.Madhavi. Two groups who opposed each other in thoughts and comprised of three students each were part of the debate. Apart from the debate group there were other students of the same class and other classes too as audience.

The topic was quite fascinating for people holding or developing an architectural background. The two expressions which were the nuclei of the discussions have a strong influence on architecture. Both the expressions have a firm ground. They have evolved. Vernacular has emerged out of local need. It is a sustainable style which is for the people and by the people. It endorses the idea of involving local people for local construction through local materials. The students were boisterous about the topic. The discussion was intense. At some point of time it even went out of track but at the end the vernacular group proved itself stronger. Their thoughts which opposed contemporary buildings coloring the world with same colour were approved by both the groups. Everyone agreed over the point that contemporary buildings lack a cultural context. The debate ended up at a fruitful conclusion which contemplates over how can a contemporary building stand without losing its vernacular roots.