Knowledge in associated fields of engineering

Curbs Architect´s Creativity


Enhances Architect´s Creativity

A healthy discussion between two groups over the topic " Whether knowledge in associated fields of engineering curbs architects creativity or enhances architects creativity ", happened for the sixth semester student´s .Both the groups were comprised of three members each.The discussion started with the introduction of the topic by the mediator Ar.Ankit Kumar.

The discussion started from both groups citing examples around the globe. One of the groups quoted examples from the famous Architect Santiago Calatrava. The group held an opinion that if Calatrava didn´t have knowledge about structural engineering, he wouldn´t have been able to produce a master piece in architecture like turning torso, bus terminal in Spain and many more whose beauty has been enhanced by associated fields of architecture. The other group endorsing the idea of staying away from the associated fields of architecture said that architecture can stand alone.

The students argued rigorously quoting various other examples around the world. Overall the debate was successful. It agitated the thoughts of the young minds. It made them question themselves what they consider right or wrong. The debate clearly pictured what has been acquired by these students through their architectural education till now.