In order to celebrate NASA Day, we had come up with three tasks. Out of the three was ´Paint and Help´. The objective was to paint graffiti on the wall of an Elementary school near our college premises. The graffiti was related to ´Green Architecture´. The main aim was to give awareness to young minds on how buildings and vegetation has to be balanced.

The task was completed in five days by keeping the NASA day as head start. On 11th and 12thof September 2015,the first coat of primer was done by the evening. On the 13thof September, the work resumed with the design sketches made on the wall, and the final improvisations was done.

By next day the sketches were done, the work started enthusiastically and the first coat of paint was done by the students. Due to a heavy rain at noon, some parts of the graffiti were wiped out, but it was later covered with sacks and Tarpolian sheets to avoid further wipe out.Ones the rain was settled, work was resumed by giving the wiped out parts some patch works and the graffiti was resumed back normal and work progressed with full fledged.

The following days progressed with the students giving in more colors , giving their work more liveliness and giving in their ideas to improvise their design in order to convey their message. The color combos were all blended in and balanced, hence giving the graffiti a touch of cope2.

The design work was completed on 16th of December 2015 and the NASA logo and College Logo was slotted in the graffiti.

Art is an evolutionary act. The shape of art and its role in society is constantly changing. At no point is art static. There are no rules.