It was such a peek hour, where everyone was busy packing to leave for the holidays. Amids all this the volunteers made sure the rooms were cleaned and kept ready to accommodate people who are going to attend the meeting. You might wonder what´s this all about. Yes McGAN'S is hosting the zonal council meeting of NASA. Apparently; it is been a dream come true for our college to conduct an event this big. It was no easy task winning the bid among five other colleges who presented for the zcm bidding. Those who stayed back for the meet were busy with their assigned works and arranged the studios for the event. On April 4th 2015, the unit secretary and unit designee of various colleges boarded our college bus and reached the campus. Soon after the registration process the volunteers directed them to the accommodations to relax and refresh for the meet. The meeting commenced sharp at 11:30 am. Our zonal president explained about the different groups along with the NASA trophies. This went on for a while with all the students interacting with each other. At 1:30pm the meeting was held back for lunch. The food was amazing with all the favourites on menu. At 3 pm, the meeting continued with the president reading out the rules and regulations for a college to participate in NASA, the discussion went on about the venue and dates for this year´s zonasa. Finally the zonal president concluded the meet by answering and clarifying all the questions and doubts posed by the students. It was evening by the time the meeting ended and many students rushed to their rooms to pack and check out to catch their buses home. As a token of gratitude we offered a sapling to each U-SEC to be planted as a memory of this event. People were surprised and glad that they got a chance to do something new and different. Everyone was quite slacked, in sync with the beautiful scenery around the campus that made them stare in awe all through their stay here.

Many students were also impressed by the "Eiffel Tower" purely made out of broken T-scales. To entertain the guests we also had a campfire, everybody huddled around the fire to keep them warm and cosy. The minute games only added to the fun and gala. Soon the dinner was served around the fire to relish the effect. The music was turned on with full volume and we had some popular numbers being played by the DJ. We danced till we dropped tired, as much as we all wanted the night to never end, it was time to leave since many colleges were leaving early the next day. Summing up it was indeed an honour to host zcm and had a wonderful experience, giving us an opportunity to interact with the other college students. With satisfaction and content of spending the weekend in a great way, students left the campus in our college bus which dropped them off in Ooty.