Primary elements are the base of any form, which moves from zero to multiple dimensions. The principle elements which make a form are: Point, Line, Planes and Volumes. The initial exercises of Basic Design are based on the understanding of these primary elements .For a new comer in the world of architecture, the understanding of these elements is a must. The following exercises are in tented to make basic elements clear to students.


The origin of any pictorial form is a point. The basic function of a point is to mark positions in space and when the point moves, it makes a line, which provides a sense of direction. The first exercise gave students the opportunity to convey their understanding of the basic elements in the form of an abstract model depicting point and line. For the students, understanding of abstract was limited to creating something they cannot explain, but looks aesthetically appealing. This was very well manifested through their models.


When lines shift in space, it creates a plane. The second exercise was an entry to flat land. The students were asked to make planes, using the ratios from the Fibonacci series. Intersecting two planes and getting back to the origin i.e. ´Point & Line´, was an exciting exercise for the students. The students played with these flat surfaces to make planes, and create some interesting spaces. The understanding of light and shadow developed itself as they progressed further. The final result of the exercise was some exciting models which were inexplicable but were exhibiting the thoughts of the burgeoning architects.


The students were asked to find any object of their choice and then they have to understand the function of the object and they are asked to redesign the object with the other possible shapes and forms. The students were restricted to primary colours in this exercise.


The students were asked to choose a painter and the paintings to be collected. Then the students were asked to apply texture to the composition they found in the paintings, with the materials of their choice.


The students were asked to design a small space for any famous personality of their choice and the end product of the design was a real scale model of the designed space.

Basic Design - 2013-14

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Basic Design – 2012-13