perar-bus-stop2 perar-bus-stop2

The boys loaded the bus with shrubs, sacks of pineleaves, dry eucalyptus leaves and logs of woods. Enthusiastically we started towards Perar .Our site is located opposite to the government bus stop.The natural scenario surrounding our site set a beautiful backdrop for the bus stop. The junk collected included glass bottles,plastic cups,chocolate wrappers and stones.

The next day was quite sunny, providing us with the necessary weather conditions for working. It was an exciting experience as a team. Work was at its best that day ,as we finished constructing the main column using wooden poles, ridges,rafters and L-clamps.

We worked as two teams, in which one took up the task of constructing and elevating the main and the support columns. The other team collected "The kotagiri maar" a kind of shrub used as a base for the roof tiles. Whereas, the others bundled these shrubs using ropes.

In the meantime, the first team had constructed supporting beams and columns for the main frame. Now all we had all the resources, which needed to be installed into the frame.

On 14 of September, the weather conditions were extremely unfavourable. Despite the harsh weather, Students continued to work . By the time the rain stopped, they completed the main structure of the bus stop and installed the roof tiles and the seating of the bus stop. The roof was layered with chicken mesh, on which the stacks of kotagiri maar were placed.

"Pineuc" - was tipped off on top of these shrubs, only to give a refined layer of protection for the bus stop. Now the seating was easily fixed using wooden planks which were nailed to the skeleton structure of the bus stop. This entire project was one hell of an amazing experience. It taught us a very valuable lesson that "What we put into something, we get that back."

Thus "Our Bus stop" stands beside the roads of Perar, waiting for a Bus to stop by. We take pride in the fact that, the very construction of this bus stop goes down as an achievement in the history of McGAN´S.