As I walk down the beautiful memory lane of my college and Ooty days, nostalgia wraps me under its sad and happy shadows. Sad because I gravely miss each and every moment spent in the college with my classmates, faculty members, the staff, my juniors… and happy because these 5 years have not only given me valuable learning but also exquisite memories which I will cherish for the lifetime. It´s difficult to express in words how I so want to once again travel that long journey from Cochin to Ooty (which had become an integral part of my college time), miss the never ending preparations for the submissions, fights with my classmates over anything and everything and then laughing over those fights, the grand mess dinners cherished with canteen eggs and may be almost everything.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank my faculty members for always being there for us, no matter what. I deeply respect and truly appreciate their patience with us, to resolve all our doubts at the 11th hour and even for the nth time. They have always acted as the guiding lamps for our bright future.

And as they say "People only remember the first & forget the rest" but I believe that these 5 years have been a lovely journey which will always have a special place our memories.

Each one of us is blessed with immense talent and is worth congratulating. I wish one and all, very best for their future endeavor and hope we all always remain connected in one way or the other.