The day much awaited had arrived: a blessing to thank, a reverence to reciprocate, tribute to be indebted and a celebration to rejoice.

The family just grew bigger, with the touch of fresher´s, swaying and singing to the different rhythms and beats, bringing up a whole new perspective. Themes, chosen by the students of first years on our day-to-day issues, have been very impressive and thought provoking.

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The day has set off a new ground for the first years to have a healthy interaction with the senior students through various programs, games and events. Blurring the boundaries between the two, the teachers and the students were out on the field, racking together to win the dim-witted games.

Special snacks and dinner have been arranged for the special day, as per the students´ choice.
To the end, disco pulsated in the veins of students and faculty, which was concluded by dinner at 8.30 PM.