ANDC - Zero Kilometer - 2017

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We believe it is the careful consideration of a space that implies it belongs to the area around. There we wish to create an “alternative space”. The site selection is all about reviving a space that can be more efficiently used by the citizens of the locality. The site is the pathway from Charring Cross to Modern Stores. The pathway is around 100M to 150M long. On the other side of the pathway there is an open drain that flows from the site to across the road. As children use the pathway more frequently to commute from their households to the school; this isn’t one of the brightest and most inviting place they get to view every morning.

Therefore, with all considerations of the people that use the pathway, the team came up with an idea to revive the space for the further and proper use of it without hindrances that cause disturbance to the local people. With the initiated work, NGO’s like The MOB Project has started working on various other sites within the locality- a reflection of the work that now exists. It has not only been a beginning for many other organizations to come forward and do the same, but also has been an eye opener for the people sitting in power to finally be able to go down to the level of the working class that use the pathway to understand the problems and chaos that relevant sites such as hold.