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Architectural Design School


Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch)

Architecture is a demanding profession, but it can also be a very interesting, creative one. Architecture is a great field of study for those who are artistically talented and interested in creative design and the built environment. Hence, it is very important that where you choose to study. McGAN’S created a beautiful setting in the valley of Perar in Ooty, as the main objective taken as to stimulate the young minds joins here. Apart from that beautiful inspiring setting the young minds are nurtured periodically through a range of studios, lectures, workshops and seminars, in which individual creativity can be criticality nurtured.

McGAN’S have a wide range of student activities ranging from Illuminati, NASA, Sports, festivals and various Competitions. McGAN’S takes the students to various other college symposiums to showcase their talents and nurture them with eccentric thoughts.

McGAN’S Undergraduate Program provides both very deep and broad education in the field of architecture within the context of science and technology. This program is approved by Council of Architecture (COA) And the institute is Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai with an intake of 120 Seats. The program emphasizes the interconnected relationship between architectural design, building technology, computation, history, theory and criticism of architecture and art. The program reflects the commitment to the cultural, social, political, technological and ecological issues of the built environment. The students here are trained to be creative, innovative, and responsible leaders in the field. The study of architecture in McGAN’S extends from studios into the classroom and the library; they embrace the humanities and sciences, tradition and innovative effort.

The setup of the college enhances the students to bring eccentric designs through inspiring from nature. As all are having only one invisible architect, who designed nature.

The Graduate Program in the School is designed for imparting a sound practical training and advance teaching in Historic Preservation, Community Design and Visualization with the help of excellent computational, library and workshop facilities. Studying at the Ooty School of Architecture is an excellent way to complete a professional education at the graduate level.

The Academic program is of five years divided into ten Semesters of about 90 working days each. The Program is designed comprehensively with clear links across the simultaneous subjects as well as progressively across the years. Instruction are given both in class room as well as workshop/outdoor – based as per the subject area. Related study programs such as field trips, practical experience, choice of elective subjects also form an essential part of the course.
The curriculum is designed to facilitate comprehensive learning in five major areas.

Critical Thinking

Research and Analysis in Architecture through understanding the socio–cultural context and the study of history and theory for the creation of built environment.


The core capability to actually produce Architecture thought reflection and invention achieved through putting together various kit-of-parts with their parameters in coherent and harmonious relationships.


The physical and technical aspects through a thorough understanding of the materials, their behavior and their adaptability to various purposes, towards conception, development and implementation in design.


The communication to choose the correct means, to develop a requisite skills across a wide range of media (drawing ,writing and model making) and tools (hand skill, computers and various materials).

Social Engagement

The ability to manage a profession to be responsible and efficient and so act not only legally and ethically but also critically and affirmatively in society.


Only candidates who have the following credentials shall be eligible for admission to B.Arch. Course.

  • Qualified through the recognized aptitude test in Architecture (NATA or equivalent) .
  • Have gone through any of the following curriculum with marks as prescribed below:
  • Secured at least 50% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) and also at least 50% marks in aggregate of the 10+2 level examination;
  • Or passed 10+3 diploma examination with Mathematics as compulsory subject with at least 50% marks in aggregate.

Candidates may note that no direct lateral admission is allowed at any other year/stage of B.Arch. course based on any qualification